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Ductwork Services

Elkhorn Heating & Air Proudly Offers Ductwork Services Throughout Southwest Denver Metro and The Surrounding Areas.

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Your HVAC system consists of a network of ducts that transfer air throughout your home. Dust, dirt, and other debris can collect inside of them, hampering efficient airflow and circulating pollutants into each room. At Elkhorn Heating & Air, Inc., we have over 25 years of experience in servicing HVAC systems and ductwork.

Your ductwork could be costing you more than you think due to cracks and air escaping. Additionally, harmful pollutants can settle in your air ducts and cause poor indoor air quality. Reach out to the Elkhorn professionals for ductwork installation, repair, and maintenance in Littleton, CO and surrounding areas!

What Is Ductwork?

HVAC ductwork is a system of tubes or tunnels that run throughout your home. They are an integral part of your HVAC system that transfers conditioned air from room to room. A duct system consists of:

  • Flues
  • Air handlers
  • Pipes for air transportation
  • Return and supply vents

Together, these components send warmed or cooled air throughout your home before pulling it back into the system for reconditioning.

Why Do Ductwork Services Matter?

As your ductwork ages, it collects dust, dirt, and various allergens throughout its pipes. It also sustains damage, such as tears and leaks that allow air to escape. Most ductwork needs professional services every three to five years to prolong its longevity and maintain proper airflow.

When To Replace Ductwork

Since the average homeowner can’t access the internal components of their ductwork, they often struggle to know when to replace it. We often recommend replacement services every 10 to 15 years due to aging ductwork becoming more prone to damage. You may observe some obvious signs of outdated ductwork, such as:

  • Increased pest control issues
  • Buckled or warped sections of ductwork
  • Cracks, gaps, or fractures in a duct’s surface

When To Repair Ductwork

When your ductwork needs repair, it displays some clear signs that it needs professional services. We typically recommend that you check your vent openings each to gauge their appearance. During your inspection, you might notice issues like:

  • Dust buildup
  • Unpleasant odors
  • The presence of mold

Many homeowners also observe more dust accumulating around their houses or noisier HVAC cycles. When you notice these indicators in your home, schedule our ductwork services in Centennial, CO to address the issues.

Benefits Of Professional Ductwork Services

Due to your ductwork remaining mostly hidden in your property’s structure, you might not give it much thought. But when ductwork falls into disrepair, it can cause numerous problems that affect your home and comfort. Some adverse effects of damaged or dirty ductwork include decreased indoor air quality, weak airflow, and uneven temperatures throughout your home.
By scheduling ductwork repair or maintenance services, you could reap some unexpected benefits, such as:

  • Spending less time and energy cleaning your home
  • Diminished allergy problems
  • Improved sleep
  • Lower energy bills
  • Prolonged HVAC longevity

Your ductwork is integral to your family’s health and comfort. Although all parts of an HVAC system are essential, the ductwork has direct and constant contact with your family.

Our First-Rate Ductwork Services In Littleton, CO

You can’t control what happens outdoors, but we believe you should have that control indoors. Since our team cares about your comfort and health, we have developed comprehensive services to improve and prolong your ductwork’s performance.

Ductwork Installation

Most technicians install ductwork alongside the new HVAC system. If you need to upgrade or replace your HVAC system, consider doing the same with your ductwork. However, ductwork sometimes incurs damage that requires replacement. In such cases, you can stagger the purchase and installation of both ductwork and HVAC systems.

Although installing ductwork requires time and indoor labor, our team will treat your home with respect. We’ll make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Ductwork Repair

Sometimes ducts can develop issues deep inside their piping. Excessive dust, ruptured piping, or foreign objects blocking the way can occur at any time, but you can’t observe issues located deep inside the duct system.

You need a technician armed with the right technology and equipment to troubleshoot and identify the problem. Our team uses diagnostic solutions to identify the smallest changes in air flow, temperature, and moisture. Once we pinpoint the problem, we’ll propose a solution, such as duct sealing.

Ductwork Maintenance

Your duct system needs maintenance every few years. During our maintenance services, we’ll clean vents and ducts, remove any objects blocking the airflow, replace filters, and seal minor fractures in the material.

Discover the Difference Your Ductwork Makes with Elkhorn Heating & Air

Ready for an indoor air refresh? Our team at Elkhorn Heating & Air has the equipment and skill to make it happen. Call us at 303-975-8809 to schedule ductwork services in Highlands Ranch, CO and surrounding areas.

Give us a call today at 303-975-8809 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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